KSEC Solutions

Cyborg Implants And Human Upgrades

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KSEC Solutions

Cyborg Implants And Human Upgrades

Unique Technology Solutions, Allowing Everyone To Interact With The World Like Never Before


Cyborg packages

As part of KSEC Worldwide, we offer globally the KSEC Cyborg packages! All of these include discounted prices for implants, tools and even installation.

Innovation Days

We host KSEC innovation days at events or with our official partners. Take part with live demonstrations, meet KSEC consultants and cyborg training.

Online Store

Purchase a range of products from KSEC, Dangerous Things, Vivokey and Sparrows Lock Picks shipped from the UK to you! With worldwide shipping on all of our products.


VivoKey is a platform for digital identity, authentication, cryptography, and upcoming payment applications secured with implantable subdermal NFC devices.

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