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Cyborg Implants And Human Upgrades

Sparrows Adams Rite Bypass Driver Guide

The Adams Rite driver replaces the actions of the Adams rite cam on the back of the cylinder. The Cam rotates on the back of the cylinder when the key is turned. The important parts to know are the latchbolt, the dead latch and the internal latch. When the Dead latch is pushed in the latchbolt is blocked from […]

Sparrows Padlock ByPass Driver Guide

You can view the instructions on how to use the Sparrows Padlock ByPass Driver here: Sparrows Padlock ByPass Driver The Padlock ByPass driver is used with the golf head tip facing down. The special curve in the tip is designed so that the driver will slide though the keyway. The spine of the driver should […]

Phone NFC

Checking If Your Phone Has NFC

NFC phones: The definitive list This is an exhaustive, comprehensive and accurate list of all the handsets that are available around the world. NFC World’s NFC phones list is mirrored all over the web but since it is a living document you should check this page for the latest information. NFC phones and tablets available […]

Implantable Magnets

When it comes down to using your implants there are a near infinite amount of ways they can be used in a day to day life. KSEC YouTube We’ve a dedicated section on our Youtube channel showing some of the top ways which you can check out bellow. There are separate playlists for different types […]

Phone NFC

Unlocking Phone With NFC Implant

So Google has removed the NFC smart lock feature from android, this was a big issue with much debate however there is a work around to get it back!. Feel free to read about NFC smart lock feature removal and here on Dangerous things forum Now A Google employee recently responded on a bug report in the Google Issue Tracker that quote, […]

Setting Up Vivokey Spark

Install the VivoKey app To get started, install the VivoKey app from the Google Play Store. Create your profile Your VivoKey profile is your cryptobionically secured digital identity, both online and in the real world. Submit a profile PIN You will need to set a 6 digit profile PIN code. This PIN code is used […]

VivoKey Connect API

Summary VivoKey Connect APIs provide a number of interfaces 3rd party integrators can use to invite VivoKey community members to utilize their cryptobionic security implants with their applications and services. ​ Introduction VivoKey Connect provides a number of APIs, including identity provider (IdP) interfaces that tie web standardized authentication and identity service protocols to our […]

Using The Vivokey FlexOne

Downloading the Fidesomo Store App VivoKey leverages a powerful applet management framework called Fidesmo. All of our VivoKey applets like VivoKey OTP are deployed through this framework. To get started, you first have to install the Fidesmo Android App on your Android powered smartphone. Once installed you can locate the VivoKey OTP applet and deploy it to your […]

RFID NFC Implant Installation

Uses for NFC Implants

Become an NFC enabled cyborg with our range of NFC compliant implants and upgrades. These offer interactions with any NFC enabled phone or even computers. When it comes down to using your implants there are a near infinite amount of ways they can be used in a day to day life. KSEC YouTube We’ve a […]

Making payments with an implant

Payment is a tricky thing… I mean, what is a payment? Transfer of value… well that can mean many things. For example, students get an ID card they can use for transit and around campus for food, access, snacks, etc. Those cards typically tie into their bank accounts or get “topped up” using a credit […]

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