About KSEC Solutions


The core of the company, provides a range of security solutions. Founded and started by Kai Castledine KSEC continues to grow and expand it’s core services such as KSEC Solutions or KSEC ARK

Website: www.ksec.co.uk

KSEC Solutions

Is our RFID technology solution service, allowing integration into the world around you like never before. This includes NFC/RFID implants that can unlock cars, access buildings or even make payments. Be your own security key.

Website: www.ksecsolutions.com
Online Store: Cyborg.ksecsolutions.com
Facebook: KSEC Solutions


ARK Stands for “Assurance Resources & Knowledgebase”. KSEC ARK maintains and hosts free open-source tools, guides, and security focused news. Information to help guide, train and improve any security researcher, pentester or organisation. The aim to create a more secure, security oriented world.

Website: www.ivoidwarranties.tech
Facebook: KSEC.ARK
Github: https://github.com/KCSEC

KSEC Tagbase

Our RFID & NFC Tag Knowledge Base. This providers both biohackers and pentesters, a centralised information hub about RFID technology. Including resources about cloning cards, Tag Types and recommended software.

Website: tagbase.ksec.co.uk


KSEC Labs is our upcoming hacker hardware store that specialises in physical security tools. Such as lock picks, practice locks, door shims and a range of electronics.

Online Store: Coming soon !