About KSEC Solutions


Provides a range of services as well as open-source tools and free information sharing for all. Our key focus is within Cyber Security but we cover multiple aspects of technology. Founded and started by Kai Castledine KSEC continues to grow and expand it’s core services such as KSEC Solutions or KSEC ARK

Website: www.ksec.co.uk

KSEC Solutions

Offers a range of NFC/RFID enabled Technology solutions to integrate yourself into the world around you. These include NFC/RFID implants connecting you to Keyless access systems and the ability to be your own security key.

Website Cyborg.ksecsolutions.com
Facebook KSEC Solutions


ARK Stands for “Assurance Resources & Knowledgebase”. Assurance is a fancy word for the Cyber Security department or pentester teams. KSEC ARK maintains and hosts free open-source tools. Information to help guide, train and improve any security researcher, pentester or organisation. The aim to create a more secure, security oriented world.

Website www.ivoidwarranties.tech
Facebook KSEC.ARK
Github: https://github.com/KCSEC

KSEC Tagbase

Is RFID & NFC Tag Knowledge Base. This providers any biohacker, pentester or RFID researcher a centralised information hub. Including resources about cloning cards, Tag Types, recommended software and other resources.

Website tagbase.ksec.co.uk