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Cyborg Implants And Human Upgrades

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KSEC Solutions

Cyborg Implants And Human Upgrades


How long does shipping take

We aim to ship out any orders with 24-48 hours. Once the order has been shipped it depends on the postal service you have selected, e.g UK 1st class is 1-3 working days and Guaranteed 1pm is next day.

What is the returns policy

Please read our returns policy here, some items such as the microchip implants by Dangerous Things (xEM, FlexNT etc) have their dedicated policy.

What happens if my Implant by Dangerous things is faulty

DT (Dangerous things) Have their own lifetime warranty, Please read our returns policy for more information.

“If there is a problem with the device, the customer may return it for testing. If the device is found to be faulty, a full refund will be issued. You may return it directly to Dangerous Things for testing. If the device is found to function appropriately, Dangerous Things will return it directly to the customer and it will be up to the customer to determine what to do with the device. The returned device will not be re-sterilized by Dangerous Things, this will be up to the customer.”

Who do I contact to book in an installation

Check the KSEC Cyborg Centers to find their contact information.

There are no local KSEC cyborg centres near me, what are my options ?

If we do not have any local KSEC Cyborg Centres near you currently, you can ask a local professional to contact us regarding KSEC partnerships at [email protected]. Alternatively we sell Implant kits for you to Install yourself or take into a professional to do so.

How do I become a KSEC Partner or cyborg centre ?

Contact us at at [email protected] for more information.