xEM Access Controller


Cyborg Centres KSEC Packages

Welcome to quick and easy RFID access control projects.


  • Can store up to 20 different tag IDs in memory
  • Works with any 125kHz EM41xx/EM4200 tags
  • Fully compatible with our xEM tags (in EM mode)
  • 12v DC operation – great for automotive projects!
  • Two keyfob tags and a master programmer tag included
  • 2.1″ x 1.3″ cylindrical antenna (works great with cylindrical glass tags)
  • Controller encased in automotive grade 4 1/8″ x 2 1/8″ plastic box
  • Red “authorized tag” indicator LED connected by 40″ wire
  • Black plastic panel mount/holder for LED included
  • Draws 11mA idle, 48mA reading authorized tags (no load on OUT line)


Wiring and Operation

With only 3 wires, an LED, and an antenna coil, the xEM Access Controller is a simple, easy to use stand-alone RFID access controller. It has a built-in RFID reader, microprocessor, and memory system that allows you to easily store a list of up to 20 tag IDs in an “authorized list” within the access controller’s memory. You don’t need an external computer or microcontroller, this is a complete stand-alone system.

To get started, connect the red wire (some have a yellow wire not red) to +12v DC power. Connect the black wire to ground. The white wire is grounded until an authorized tag is presented to the reader antenna.

WARNING Do not apply +12v to the white output wire. This will damage the access controller and in most cases render it useless.

When an authorized tag is presented to the reader antenna, while the tag is in range of the antenna, the red LED indicator will light up and the white signal wire outputs +12v to be used by an external device like a very small motor, relay coil, solenoid, or trigger an external digital system (with proper voltage regulation). Once the tag is removed, the LED goes dark and the white signal wire goes low (0v). If an unregistered tag is presented, it is considered unauthorized and the LED will not light, and the white signal wire remains low (grounded).

Programming the xEM Access Controller

The xEM Access Controller can store up to 20 tag IDs in non-volatile memory. Each reader comes with a “master tag” which is shipped in a metal tin, and is used to add new tag IDs into memory.

  • To program a new tag ID into the controller’s non-volatile memory, swipe the master tag across the reader antenna, then immediately swipe the tag you wish to add across the reader antenna (within 3 seconds).
  • To erase tags from the controller’s memory, hold the master tag to the reader antenna for 10 seconds.

Example Use Cases