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Cyborg Implants And Human Upgrades


The Benefits Of The Exclusive KSEC Cyborg Club

Join for free today to receive a 10% discount on all applicable biohacking products! There is currently no cost to join and you’ll be able to use the KSEC Cyborg exclusive coupon code “KSEC_CYBORG10” on your orders.

Exclusive Competitions

We host exclusive competitions to all KSEC Cyborg members. This will range from discounted products to even free Implants and Gadgets.

The last competition we gave 4 new KSEC Cyborgs members a free KSEC Merch Bundle! Our KSEC Merch Bundle.


Permanent Discounts

Get 10% discount on all Dangerous Things, Vivokey implants, associated biohacking gadgets and tools. 

This does not apply to already on sale or discounted items such as bundles/packages.The coupon will work on any orders above £75.

How To Become A KSEC Cyborg?

1. Register An Account

You need to register an account on our site or sign up here

A password will be sent to your email address.

2. Like Our Social Media Pages

Then like and follow our pages

3. Join The Official KSEC Cyborgs Facebook Group

Join the KSEC Cyborgs Facebook group. This is the best way to catch our offers and upcoming events! We recommend you make an introductory post to introduce yourself to the other members

4. Confirm Registration

Lastly, email [email protected] and we will add your user account to the KSEC Cyborg members only group

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