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KSEC Solutions

Cyborg Implants And Human Upgrades

KSEC Innovation Days

We host KSEC Innovation day at events or with our official partners. Where we have live demonstrations, KSEC consultants and training.

KSEC Innovation

Some of the demos include:

  • Logging onto your computer with a NFC implant
  • Storing contact information
  • NFC business cards
  • Reading and writing with NFC
  • Installing recommended software
  • Implant setup and support
  • Live installations
Innovation Days

As well as live implant installations and discussions regarding the latest tech such as Vivokey. So everyone will have the ability to get hands on with RFID implants as well as see the full range of KSEC products. So you too can be assimilated into the borg!

We also offer discounted implant costs on the KSEC Innovation days for any new or returning cyborgs.

KSEC Innovation Stand

Fancy coming to your next one and being able to speak to the KSEC Consultant about implants and how to become a cyborg?

Check out Facebook or Contact [email protected]

KSEC Innovation – xBT Install and uses

Product information for the xBT

KSEC Innovation – FlexNT Uses

Product information for the FlexNT

KSEC Innovation – Reading and writing NFC Tags

Recommended software for reading and writing NFC tags

KSEC Innovation – Magnets

More information regarding implantable magnets

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