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Cyborg Implants & Human Upgrades

KSEC Partnerships

Cyborg centers

This is only available to professional installation partners, such as Body Modifications Artists, Piercing Studios and Qualified Doctors. For more information contact: [email protected]

Cyborg services

Enabling smaller businesses to access to a wide range of KSEC products with semi-flexible MOQs.

  • Installation of Injectable Implants (e.g xEM , xNT)
  • Installation of The Flex series Implants (e.g Vivokey, FlexDF)
  • To be able to book in with customers directly as part of the KSEC online Store
  • Ability to resale other KSEC products and services
  • Technical consultancy to cyborgs about their implants (To some degree but basic use is required)
  • Having in-stock inventory of KSEC products (Online Store Requirement)

Center Benefits

Best suited for established distributors that require the best pricing with larger MOQs.

  • Access to discounted or wholesale prices on applicable stock
  • Quick UK based delivery for our stocked products
  • Being able to sell KSEC products and services with the appropriate branding
  • Customer sales directly from the KSEC online Store
  • Technical support and consultancy
  • Area exclusivity Is possible when appropriate and possible

Reseller Program

The KSEC Reseller program is designed for businesses and distributors that want to focus on product resale with the best prices possible. If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please contact: [email protected]


Enabling smaller businesses to access to a wide range of KSEC products with semi-flexible MOQs.

  • Up to 20% off applicable products
  • Ability to resell KSEC branded products and selected services
  • Semi-flexible MOQ
  • HQ listed on our worldwide partnermap
  • One KSEC email address 


Best suited for established distributors that require the best pricing with larger MOQs.

  • Access to distributor pricing on all products
  • Ability to resale other KSEC products and selected services
  • Distributor pricing MOQ
  • White labeled products can be requested
  • HQ and all distribution points added our worldwide partnermap
  • Multiple KSEC email address 

KSEC Affiliate

The associate program is for a KSEC recommend individual that may offer limited KSEC services and provides product support. 

If you’re interested in becoming an official KSEC Affiliate, then email: [email protected]

Each registration is reviewed on a per-person basis and is not guaranteed.

Registered affiliates can access the Affiliate referral portal.

benefits include


  • Up to 20% off applicable products
  • Up to 15% of sales via specialised referral links (In Trial)
  • Ability to resale pre-agreed KSEC branded products and services
  • Flexible MOQ
  • Added to our worldwide partner map
  • Personalised KSEC email address 

Partnership FAQ

We don’t currently charge for any KSEC Reseller or KSEC Cyborg Center partnership. There is however a potential signup fee for some KSEC Associates. We’re focused on onboarding professional installers, resellers or worldwide distributors. If you’re interested then reach out to us and we can look at getting you started. 

This is only available to professionals who are licensed to perform installations. E.G Piercers, Doctors, Body modification artists or trained nurses. Alternatively if you’re not a professional installer, we offer reseller partnerships.

As mentioned above, our Cyborg Centers are for professional installers only but can be based anywhere in the world. This is part of KSEC Worldwide’s offering, so regardless of your location we will review your case and hope to have you onboard! 

We have a rebate process for any implant installation bookings you receive via our online store. This is an optional, but recommended, service for Cyborg Centers and professional installers. Our online store allows customers to purchase and book their implant installations with you. Once complete, we rebate you a set installer fee. These costs are part of the Cyborg Center standardised pricing.

KSEC and our employees cannot and will not, provide legal advice for the law around implantation.  

It’s commonly understood that every country or county, has their own laws and it’s the sole responsibility of the installer to check their local laws and regulations. In the UK some councils allow injectable implants within the local piercing regulations, but an installer would need to confirm directly with their council before becoming a partner or installing any implants.

Flex implant installation procedures in the UK, or ones that require scalpel or a similar surgical procedures, are commonly illegal. They are allowed in some other countries but not the UK, any flex installers should check with their local authority or regulator beforehand. Some medical practices, such as registered doctors or trained nurses, might be able to perform such installations.

Some flex implant installations can be performed with a needle approach that may be covered under your local council laws. This would also need to be confirmed with any local laws or regulations you abide to. For more information:


Depending on your location, we may be able to offer you area exclusivity for our partnership. Once assigned an agreed area, you’ll need to maintain our partnership and any requirements. Otherwise we may change or reshape your area as we see fit. This is only for key active partners who strive to be the best in their area.

Areas provided to KSEC Cyborg centers are different to reseller and distributors. For example, we might have an AUS distributor whose area is the whole of AUS. However within that area could be several Cyborg Centers with their own individual areas.

Dangerous Things LLC have prepared the following guides for professional installers. Please read these if you’re looking to become an installer or understand the technology.

While the APP does not specifically endorse implants, the glass materials used to encapsulate our transponders are fully approved by the APP as safe for initial piercings.

Drop us an email at [email protected] and we will be in touch.

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