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Cyborg Implants And Human Upgrades

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KSEC Solutions

Cyborg Implants And Human Upgrades

KSEC Partnerships

Becoming a KSEC Cyborg Centre or reseller, means you’ll be added to our partner map. Allowing customers to easily find where they can buy KSEC products and services.

KSEC Partner Benefits

Interested in becoming a KSEC partner and being placed on the Worldwide Partner map? Email: [email protected]

  • Access to discounted or wholesale prices on applicable stock
  • Quick UK based delivery for our stocked products
  • Being able to sell KSEC products and services with the appropriate branding
  • Customer sales directly from the KSEC online Store
  • Technical support and consultancy
  • Area exclusivity Is possible when appropriate and possible

KSEC Reseller

The KSEC Reseller program is designed for businesses or distributors who want to focus on product resale with the best prices possible. Email: [email protected]

This is currently split out into two levels:

KSEC Reseller Level 1

Recommended for smaller businesses who want access to a wide product range with semi-flexible MOQs.

  • Up to 20% off applicable products
  • Ability to resale other KSEC products and services
  • Flexible MOQ
  • KSEC Branding required on products
  • Added to our worldwide partnermap

KSEC Reseller Level 2

Best suited for larger outlets that require the best pricing with larger MOQs.

  • Access to wholesale and distributor pricing on all products
  • Ability to resale other KSEC products and services
  • Pre-set MOQ for certain products
  • Whitelisted products available on certain MOQs & products
  • Added to our worldwide partnermap

KSEC Cyborg Centres

These are only available to professional partners such as Body Modifications studios, Piercing studios, qualified Doctors. For more information contact: [email protected]

  • Installation of Injectable Implants (e.g xEM , xNT)
  • Installation of The Flex series Implants (e.g Vivokey, FlexDF)
  • To be able to book in with customers directly as part of the KSEC online Store
  • Ability to resale other KSEC products and services
  • Technical consultancy to cyborgs about their implants (To some degree but basic use is required)
  • Having in-stock inventory of KSEC products (Online Store Requirement)

KSEC Associate

The associate program is for a KSEC recommend individual that may offer KSEC services or provides product support. Email: [email protected]

  • Up to 20% off applicable products
  • 10% of sales via specialised referral links (In Trial)
  • Ability to resale other KSEC products and services
  • Flexible MOQ
  • KSEC Branding required on products
  • Added to our worldwide partnermap
  • A signup fee maybe required and is reviewed on a per-person basis

Access the Affiliate referral portal.

Partner FAQ

Does it cost to become a KSEC partner?

We don’t currently charge for any KSEC Reseller or KSEC Cyborg center partnerships. There is however a potential signup fee for applicable KSEC Associates. Were focused onboarding capable professional installers, enthusiast resellers or even worldwide biohackers. If you’re interested, then reach out to us and we can look to start your free access to the KSEC partner benefits.

What are the KSEC Cyborg Center requirements?

This is only available to professionals who are licensed to perform installations. E.G Piercers, doctors, body mod artists or even nurses. We offer non-installer partnerships as well to reseller focused businesses.

Who can become a KSEC partner or cyborg center?

As mentioned above, our cyborg centers are for professional installers only but can be based anywhere in the world. This is part of KSEC Worldwide’s service roll out so regardless of your location, we will review your case and hope to have you on board! Non-installer partners are also open to any country.

How does the online-store booking system work?

We have a rebate process for any implant installation bookings you receive via our online store. This is an optional but recommended service for professional installers. The online store allows customers to purchase and book in their implant installations with you and we rebate you a set installer rate. These costs are part of KSECs standardised pricing.

The law surrounding implant installation

This varies from country to even county. In the UK, most councils allow injectable implants under the local piercing regulations. Flex installation procedures that require scalpel or a similar surgical procedure do not. They are allowed in other countries however so best to check with your local authority to be sure. UK clinics or doctors however are able to perform flex installations so it depends on your circumstances and location.

How does area exclusivity work?

So, depending on your location, we may be able to offer you area exclusivity to our partner services. Once assigned an agreed area, you’ll need to maintain our services there and be a part of the community. Otherwise we may change or reshape your area as we see fit. This is only for key active partners who strive to be the best in their area.

Areas provided to KSEC Cyborg centers are different to reseller and distributors. For example, we might have an AUS distributor whose area is the whole of AUS. However, within that area could be several centers with their own individual areas.

Installation procedure and introductory guide

Dangerous Things LLC have prepared two guides for professional installers. Please read these if you’re looking to become an installer or understand the technology.

What is the APP’s stance on implantable transponders?

While the APP does not specifically endorse implants, the glass materials used to encapsulate our transponders are fully approved by the APP as safe for initial piercings.

How do we sign up ?!?

Drop us an email at [email protected] an we will be in contact.