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HUK 7 Pin Tubular Lock Pick (7.0mm & 7.5mm & 7.8mm)

£22.99 £19.54

The HUK 7 mm + 7.5 mm + 7.8 mm pin tubular picks ideal for open most vending machine Kit including safe box, coin-operated washers & dryers, coin boxes, candy, soda and snack machines, cigarette-machines, and jukeboxes.


  • Tempered stainless steel picking fingers.
  • Hardened spring steel key for positive engagement of keyway.
  • Scalloped pin relief for added strength.
  • Stainless steel decoder key for accurate settings.
  • Adjustable friction collar to set friction to a light feel or a complete lock up. (Desirable for setting picking needles to the enclosed Decoder Key)

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HUK 7 Pin Tubular Lock Pick (7.0mm & 7.5mm & 7.8mm)
HUK 7 Pin Tubular Lock Pick (7.0mm & 7.5mm & 7.8mm) £22.99 £19.54


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HUK 7 Pin Tubular Lock Pick comes with 3 specifications: 7.0mm, 7.5mm and 7.8mm, which is same as the GOSO 7 Pin tubular lock pick.

If you’re new to unlock a tubular lock pick, please take a review of this guide.

Please note the colour of the tubular lock may vary (Sold seperately).