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Hunter Cat – Card Skimmer Detector – Electronic Cats

£39.99 £33.99

The world’s only credit card skimmer detector. Rapidly and reliably audit card readers – ATMs, PoS devices, etc – without risking your real data. Perfect for internal audits, corporate travelers and penetration testers.

Available for purchase on back-order and typically available within 2 weeks. For more information, email [email protected]

Hunter Cat - Card Skimmer Detector - Electronic Cats £39.99 £33.99


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The Hunter Cat is the world’s first pocket ATM Card Skimmer Detector.
Card Skimmers are devices containing magnetic readers that are covertly added onto / into ATMs, allowing criminals to ‘skim’ the data off a card’s magnetic strip.

Over time, Card Skimmers have become increasingly difficult to detect visually, and are no longer restricted to ATMs, appearing on self-checkouts, petrol pumps, bank doors, etc.

The Hunter Cat is a Skimmer Detector – allowing users to quickly audit a device before inserting their real card.

The device detects the number of magnetic heads that pass over the card, providing instant analysis: OK, Warning, or Dangerous.

Invaluable for multiple industry sectors


Internal Hardware and Fleet Auditing


Provide clients an additional audit service


Protect your company / employee cards from theft


Protect your bank account – especially when traveling



The Hunter Cat consists of two Magnetic Head detectors, three LEDs, a reset switch and a battery. It’s the same width and depth as a standard credit card, but slightly longer, allowing for the card to be easily inserted and removed.

It has four exposed pin pads, triggering the ATM mechanism to open the card tray.Hunter Cart Skimmer overview


First Use: To use for the first time, simply place a CR-2303 battery into the battery holder. The LEDS will flash four times – the device is ready for use.

Standard Use: Press the reset button. The device LEDs will flash four times, indicating that it is ready for use.

Sleep Mode: After fifteen seconds of inactivity – the device will cycle the LEDs two times, and go into sleep mode.



ATM-Skimmer-DetectoInsert and remove the device quickly (less than one second) as per standard “add/remove” ATMs.

It is important that the device is inserted and removed in less than one second. to provide accurate results.


ATM-Skimmer-Detector 2

The device will process the information, which will take approximate one second and display its audit: OK, Warning, Dangerous.

Based off this result, you can confidently use your bank card, or avoid using the device.