KSEC X6 Pro Serrated Flat Bar Tension Set


The first KSEC professional six-piece flat bar set (X6 Pro) with serrated teeth and double-sided engraving for maximum grip.

Tension bars are an absolute essential in any lock pick set. Each tension tool will provide a different grip and comfort for control allowing you to choose the best suited for each lock.

Our X6 tension bar set includes 5 tension bars with teeth and a single smooth rounded tension bar. These come with multiple thicknesses for different types of locks and grip styles. The smooth rounded bar can be customised or used as is to create tension on euro-style locks. All the bars have double sided serrated tension grooves for maximum grip.

Each KSEC X6 pro tension bar set includes one of:

  • Rounded 0.7mm Flat bar
  • Dog Ear 0.7mm Flat Bar
  • Dog Ear Squared 0.8mm Flat Bar
  • Dog Ear 0.8mm Flat Bar
  • Dog Ear 1mm Flat Bar
  • Dog Ear 1.2mm Flat Bar

In stock (can be backordered)

KSEC X6 pro professional tension bar set serrated max grip
KSEC X6 Pro Serrated Flat Bar Tension Set £15.99


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