MagSpoof V3 – Magnetic Card Emulator

The new and more modern version of the famous magspoof has arrived, version 3 of this security tool has new features to highlight, such as a USB port for charging via arduino, 32-bit ARM microcontroller and lipo battery charger.

Emulate magnetic stripes in an easy and simple way, for terminal auditors or card readers, the evolution of the famous tool created by Samy Kamkar is now available to everyone, happy hacking!


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What’s new in magspoof v3 is:

– USB programming through Arduino IDE

– SAMD11 ARM 32 bit Cortex M0 microcontroller

– More RAM and Flash memory

– Smaller size

– Coil included

– 3.7v lipo battery charger

How to use MagSpoof V3?

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