Proxmark 3 RDV4.01- Long Range LF Antenna Pack

The Long Range LF External Antenna Pack containts two high performance, pre-tuned for antennas the Proxmark 3 RDV4, providing the highest read/write/sniff performance possible on an un-amplified external antenna.


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Meticulously engineered with 6-layer PCBs, featuring a Frequency Switch and Q Switch – enabling targeting of specific frequencies and badge types.

The Q-Switch has two settings: 14 (Extended Range) and 7 (Extended Accuracy).

A Q-Switch setting of 14 will give up to 30% further read range (on lf search / lf hid read etc commands).

A Q-Switch setting of 7 will give better writing performance on T55XX and EM410XX tags.

Frequency Switch

The frequency switch allows for tuning to specific tag types: 125KHz or 134KHz.

Performance information is below:

Antenna TypeRead Distance
LF Read Range (Built-in)66 – 72mm
LF Read Range (medium antenna)90mm
LF Read Range (long range antenna)110 – 133mm


What’s included

  • 1x Long Range Antenna
  • 1x Medium Range Antenna


Compatible Systems


Long Range LF Antenna Pack Unboxing

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