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Proxmark 3 RDv4 Kit

£300.00 £255.00

The Proxmark3 Dev Kit 4 (RDV4.01) from RRG/ProxGrind is more compact/portable and brings various improvements to the open source design. Antennas are highly customizable and there is a new multifunction multiplexing interface to support additional components such as external battery, external active high powered antenna, bluetooth interfaces and more. The new model replaces RDV3 (aka PM3 Easy), RDV2, and the original PM3 design.

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Proxmark 3 RDv4 Kit £300.00 £255.00
  • Antennas

    Battery Addon


    Field Detectors

  • RFID Access Cards

    Need to test RFID compatibility or clone access cards ? Add now with up to a 5% discount


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Whether you’re in the field, in the lab, or in the classroom, the Proxmark3 is the RFID tool of the trade when it comes to sniffing, reading, and cloning RF Tags. Proxmark3 can run independently from a PC powered by an optional battery, and offers depending on the targeted RFID Tag advanced functions like Offline Encryption, Online sniffing, default key cracking, data dumping, or the ability to run simulations. It is currently the “gold standard” when it comes to RFID research.


2019-07 / 4.01 update notes: Multiple device improvements over the 4.0 version:

  • Gold-plated FPC Connector
  • Antenna “Q-Switch” allowing for adapting antennas to specific operations
  • Antenna Frequency Switch allowing for optimised 125KHz and 134KHz performance
  • Reduced power supply noise

Includes: Proxmark3 RDV4 unit, plastic enclosure, dual HF/LF antenna, two test cards (5577, Mifare 1k S50 compatible), SIM/SAM (Subscriber Identity Module / Secure Access Module) extender, usb cable, and small screw driver.


Standard Accessory Pack

  • 1x Proxmark 3 RDV4.01
  • 1x Pretuned LF Antenna – 125KHz & 134KHz (Internal)
  • 1x Pretuned HF Antenna – 13.56MHz (Internal)
  • 1x Micro USB Cable
  • 1x Screw Driver (for external antenna mounting)
  • 1x SIM / SAM Reader Module


RFID Tags / Cards

  • 1x ‘Magic’ 1k UID Changeable – PVC Card format
  • 1x T5577 Tag – PVC Card format

Proxmark LF Antenna Addon

The ProxLF antenna is finally here! Designed exclusively for use with the proxmark3 rdv4, this 125kHz “LF” antenna is so powerful, it can talk to our 125kHz implants like the xEM and NExT from 2cm away! It’s even so powerful it can even talk to the xEM while it is still inside the injection assembly needle!