Red Team EDC Builder Bypass Tools Advanced Lockpicking
Red Team EDC Builder

Red Team EDC Builder

The KSEC EDC (Everyday Carry) Builder is perfect for Red Teamers, Mil and specialist operatives performing physical security engagements.

Our EDC builder starts with the recommended tools but can be tailored for your operations with the best tools available on our store.

It can built to execute the following operations, attacks and deployments:

  • Lockpicking & lock bypass tools
  • Bypassing physical security measures
  • RFID Cloning, Sniffing and emulation attacks
  • Malicious USB devices (Deploying beacons, payload execution or data exfiltration)
  • RF/BLE/IoT protocol auditing and analysis

Free shipping on £10+ UK and £100+ International orders

  • £150+ Internatiorders have free priority shipping
  • £150+ UK orders have free next day delivery
  • UK next day delivery available if ordered before 1pm, as well as worldwide express 3~ day delivery.
  • 14 day UK and 30 International returns for replacements, store credit or refund
  • Lifetime or limited warranty on applicable products

Available Payment Methods

The EDC builder is currently in beta phase. If you have any feedback, issues or improvement ideas please contact us as [email protected]

Ongoing updates:

  • CSS/Layout improvements
  • Photo improvements
  • Mobile improvements
  • Thumbnails VS Dropdown

Phase 1 updates – Complete 

Phase 2 updates- In Progress 

  • New Tactical Clothing (Rucksacks/Mollie/Caps/Vests/Pouches) to be added – Complete
  • More Product/Set Photos (Main photos TBC) – In progress
  • KSEC Lockpicking sets to be added  – Coming Soon
  • KSEC Patches – In progress

Change log 

Update 1

  • Product Filtering
  • Placeholder photo
  • Button improvements
  • Advanced tools (ESP Keys etc)
  • Pinning tools & practice Locks

Update 2

  • Tactical Gear Added
  • Free merch updated