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Sparrows Adams Rite Bypass Tool

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The Adams Rite ByPass driver is designed to slide though the keyway of the most popular glass door “store” locks allowing you access to the inner working of the lock. Once in place simply turn the driver and it will replace the action of the cylinder tailpiece by withdrawing the locks latch! This trip with the driver will unlock the deadlocking feature on the 4700 series.

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Sparrows Adams Rite Bypass Tool
Sparrows Adams Rite Bypass Tool £14.39 £12.23


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If the Driver can continue to rotate the latch will then fully open and the door is unlocked. If the door happens to be in a partial bind the Driver will release the deadlocking feature allowing you to use a Shim or Slim Jim (Not Included) to slide behind the latch to push it back and open the door. With the Adams Rite ByPass Driver you will not need to pick the lock or use tension wrenches, just a simple turn.

The Adams Rite ByPass Driver is made with all steel components that have been polished smooth featuring permanent thermo plastic handles. This is a professional grade tool


Sparrows Adams Rite Bypass Driver Guide


The Adams Rite driver replaces the actions of the Adams rite cam on the back of the cylinder. The Cam rotates on the back of the cylinder when the key is turned.

The important parts to know are the latchbolt, the dead latch and the internal latch.

When the Dead latch is pushed in the latchbolt is blocked from sliding in.

When the Adams rite cam on the back of the cylinder turns it depress the internal latch and pulls it across. The internal latch and the latchbolt are attached so as the cam pulls the internal latch across the latchbolt is also pulled and the door can be opened.

To By-Pass the Adams rite Dead Latch push the driver into the keyway tip down all the way though the cylinder and cam.

Once the Driver is through the keyway and out the cam simply rotate the driver to depress the internal latch and pull it across. This will then also pull in the latchbolt unlocking the door.

Tips & Problems

  1. Some cams have a solid back preventing access to the internals. You can check with a tension wrench to see if you are block.
  2. The Latchbolt can be wedged between the door and the frame putting to much pressure on the internals for the driver to slide the internal latch across (it will be able to push it down allowing it to slide). In this situation use some Sparrows quick shims or a slim Jim to slide the door latch across after the driver has depressed the internal latch.
  3. Putting pressure underneath the latchbolt with a Sparrow Quick Shim or Slim Jim will angle the internal latch in a beneficial way making it even easier for the driver to grab. The 4900 model has a lot of play in this aspect and the internal latch will move quite a bit making it the easiest of the Adams rite models to open.
  4. On some cylinders their can be a very tiny gap between the cylinder and the cam inside the keyway. The tip of the driver might get caught on this lip. You can slide a narrow tension wrench down the keyway to help push the tip out of this gap and all the way through the cylinder. Then just pull out the tension wrench and continue normally.