sparrows hook set
Sparrows Hook Set (The Hookers)
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Sparrows Hook Set (The Hookers)

£ 24.99

sparrows hook set

The Hooker set is sparrows full line of hook lock picks and each one comes with a handle. The handles are made from a thermo plastic coating that is bonded to the picks resulting in a permanent smooth non sliding grip. It is also a full shank handle (the pick steel goes all the way through the handle not just part way) resulting in greater strength and feed back through the handle.

Often the hook pick is the favorite of most professional locksmiths and hobbyists. The hooker set also comes with 6 different tension wrenches. The wrenches are different than those in the Raker’s set so if you combine the two you will not have any doubles in your collection.

  • This 12 Piece Set Includes
  • 1 x Short Hook with Handle 0.025 Thick
  • 1 x Steep Hook with Handle 0.025 Thick
  • 1 x Shallow Euro Hook with Handle 0.025 Thick
  • 1 x High Reach Hook with Handle 0.025 Thick
  • 6 x Tension Wrenches

All lock picks are manufactured by Sparrows out of American Made 301 Cold Max steel with average tension strength of 280,000 PSI

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