Sparrows Progressive Locks


If you are looking to learn how to lock pick one of the methods to use is working with progressive locks. By Changing the number of pins that are inside a lock you can increase or decrease the difficulty to picking that lock. A two pin lock is much easier to pick than a five pin lock. A progressive lock set help you learn by providing locks that get progressively harder. This set includes a 2pin, 3pin, 4pin and 5 pin standard lock with Schlage Key way. Each lock is also laser engraved so that you can easily keep track of what pin configuration is inside. So you might ask why no 1 pin lock …. trust us you don’t need it. Start at 2 pin.

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These locks are also designed to work with our reload pin kit so you can make them any configuration your wish – Even a 6 pin lock with security pins. The large size of the locks also lets you pick in hand or in a vise. What is important to notice is all the rotating components are covered by the brass shell so when you do use a vise everything will still rotate.