USBNinja Professional Keyboard + Mouse
USBNinja Professional Keyboard + Mouse (MK-120 Logitech)
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USBNinja Professional Keyboard + Mouse (MK-120 Logitech)

£ 319.99

The USBNinja is a highly covert USB exploit framework allowing for wireless remote triggering of custom payloads. While dormant, the USBNinja functions as a regular USB device: Data Transfer, Recharging, etc. However, when triggered (via smartphone or dedicated long-range antenna) – it executes its preprogrammed payload on the host device.

Emulating keyboard and mouse actions, payloads are completely customisable, and can be highly targeted.

Undetectable by firewalls, AV software or visual inspection, the USBNinja is an ideal tool for penetration testers, police and government.

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 Physical Characteristics

    • Voltage range: 4-25 V (supports fast charging)
    • Current consumption: 0.4 mA (low)
    • Full-rate USB data transmission

What’s new on USBNinja Professional?

  1. Easy to use, no need for complicated ARDUINO configuration and download process, no longer need a magnet to enter DFU mode, all configurations only need one mobile phone.
  2. The mobile APP can view and edit the PAYLOAD script in USBNINJA online, and it can be triggered in real-time. It is no longer necessary to get back USBNINJA CABLE to update the payload. Both google play store and apple store have been put on the shelves and are available for download.
  3. Mobile APP can change parameters such as VIDPID and manufacturer name online.
  4. APP uses fingerprint facial recognition to enter, more secure.
  5. Built-in 120KB native memory disk can be selectively mounted, U disk and HID device coexist at the same time, can be used to copy or transfer files when there is no network
  6. Added self-destruct mode, clear firmware, leaving no trace.
  7. Native USB2.0 typing speed is 3 times faster than before, typing feedback capture, fast leaking
  8. Automatically detect caps lock and accurately enter all upper and lower case characters.
  9. The new remote control can choose between 8 SLOTs with 8 different PAYLOAD and also act as a remote control trigger, 20kb for each payload.
  10. The new remote control supports Bluetooth 5.0 mode, and the empty card distance is increased by 30%.
  11. The launched ultra-small micro-module can be built into USBNINJA in a small space USB device. User-friendly and flexible DIY.
  12. The operating current of USBNinja Professional is only 0.4mA. The detection of USBNinja Professional is not that obvious.

3 Forms of Execution

  1. IOS App (App Store) – USBNinja Professional
  2. Android (Google Playstore) – USBNinja Professional
  3. GUI on windows (Via Remote)


The device is ‘Deployed’ when it is connected to the target machine.
It will operate as a standard USB cable, allowing for data transfer and power transfer. It is able to stay in this state indefinitely until it is triggered.