VivoKey Flex One Private Beta



The VivoKey Flex One is the ultimate cryptobionic platform for digital identity, cryptography, and blockchain applications secured in a subdermal NFC implant.

  • Implantable 8mm x 38mm x 0.4mm secure element smart card platform
  • JCOP 3 OS supporting Java Card 3.0.4 applets on 144 KB EEPROM
  • Common Criteria EAL 6+ and other national certification schemes
  • User friendly applet store provided via Fidesmo

Please note the Flexone beta has been officially recalled and the beta has ended. If you’re looking for a replacement or still wanting to test and not installed a unit then please contact us.

The Flexone is being replaced by the upcoming Vivokey Apex !

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After 3 grueling years in development, we are proud to bring you the VivoKey Flex One! The Flex One is a patent pending subdermal secure element enabling fully autonomous separation of your cryptographic keys and functions from vulnerable general computing platforms such as your smartphone or computer. The ability to not only carry your OTP, PGP, and other cryptographic keys with you at all times, but also perform cryptographic functions in vivo (generate OTP codes, encrypt & decrypt data, etc.) without ever revealing private keys to the NFC interface you are interacting with is a huge step forward for personal digital identity and data security.
Vivokey OTP

Current Vivokey Private Beta Status

VivoKey Flex One based on the P60 SECID is still in private beta.

  • The initial beta units shipped out were shipped as beta units. Beta testers quickly found a bug wherein application management (deploying, instantiating, or removing) via a poor coupling resulted in the chip bricking and becoming unresponsive.
  • A recall was issued and a refund window was opened for people who had purchased the Flex One beta but did not want to risk “the brickening”. Refunds were issued. Replacements were sent to those who had bricked their implants. The refund window is now closed.
  • Beta testers are still able to purchase beta units, with the added caveat that they must be aware of the hardware bug in the P60 SECID chip which is not something we can resolve with software alone.
  • Later this year we are planning to release the Flex One as a public beta, with this giant red flag of a bug being prominently displayed. The plan is to release the public beta version of the Flex One with a bunch of applets pre-loaded (NDEF, OTP, PGP, etc.) and possibly a USB reader that has a great coupling. The idea is that this will reduce the need for customers to modify the applets on board, and the USB reader can be used with a command line utility to make applet management safer.
  • In the mean time we are working with Fidesmo and chip makers to find a suitable alternative, but the timelines are very long and we do not have an ETA for anything yet.

So as of right now, you are still free to purchase the Flex One beta unit. You simply need to accept the risk that the chip could brick during application management if the coupling is not supplying sufficient power to complete the write operation on the chip, or the coupling goes from stable to insufficient during the write operation.

Vivokey Flex One Beta