xSIID NFC + LED Implant RGB Trio
xSIID NFC + LED Implant [Dsruptive] – RGB Trio Bundle
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xSIID NFC + LED Implant [Dsruptive] – RGB Trio Bundle


The new RGB Trio bundle of the blue, red & green xSIID by DSruptive! Get the best xSIIDs with a discount, a KSEC Exclusive & orginal deal.

Made with the Dsruptive SIID OEM module, the xSIID merges DSruptive design with Dangerous Things materials, manufacturing, and testing.

  • 13.56MHz ISO14443A & NFC Type 2 chip
  • 2x15mm cylindrical sterile bioglass implant
  • 2kB (1912 bytes) of user memory!
  • Integrated power harvesting LED indicator
  • RFID Access Cards

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The xSIID is a next generation NFC compliant implant which leverages the SIID, an innovative OEM module design from Dsruptive. The module houses both an NTAG I2C NFC chip and an LED indicator tied to the energy harvesting pins of the NTAG I2C. This design ensures the LED does not interfere with operation of the NFC chip and always receives filtered power output regardless of field variance. The xSIID comes in a variety of colors and offers the 2kB version (1912 user bytes) of the NTAG I2C chip!


At the moment there is a problem writing NDEF data to the xSIID. The NTAG I2C chip used in the SIID module has 2kB of memory, split into two large memory sectors. The problem is that the NTAG I2C chip is not commonly used by consumers, and at the moment there are no apps available that properly identify and write to the entire user memory. Smaller data sets which remain within the 1kB range (the first memory sector) tend to succeed, however larger data which must extend into the second memory sector will fail. We are working with NXP now to fix bugs in their TagWriter application to ensure at least TagWriter will be able to properly write data to all 2kB user memory. Other options such as NFC Tools also exhibit bugs and other issues attempting to write data, particularly large NDEF records.



xSIID RGB Kit Contents

The xSIID kit contains the following products and materials, which are designed to enable you to bring the kit to a professional installation partner for installation.

  • 1x sterile injector assembly, pre-loaded with each xSIID chip implant
  • 2x single use ChloraPrep antiseptic wipes
  • 2x sterile gauze pad for post-installation wound care
  • 3x sterile expandable-fabric adhesive bandage
  • 1 pair of non-sterile, non-latex procedure gloves

xSIID Kit Extras

The following accessories also come with the xSIID Kit. These accessories are “field detection” tools designed to assist you with identifying the type of readers you may encounter, but also the best location and orientation to present your xSIID chip implant to any reader to get reliable performance.

  • 1x 13.56MHz X Field Detector

Our X Field Detectors (XFD) will show you the best position and orientation to present your chip implant to any readers of the same frequency, while our RFID Diagnostic Card will tell you all about the frequency and duty cycles of random readers you encounter in the wild.


WARNING This kit definitely contains dangerous things. While the xSIID chip has undergone several quality checks during manufacture and has been put through a battery of tests, it has not been certified by any government regulatory agency for implantation or use inside the human body. Use of this device is strictly at your own risk.