Dangerous Things xSLX NFC Chip
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Dangerous Things xSLX NFC Chip

£ 58.99

  • 13.56MHz ISO15693 & NFC Type 5 chip
  • 2x12mm cylindrical sterile bioglass implant

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Cyborg Packages Partner Map X-Series FAQ

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The xSLX NFC chip implant is an ISO15693 NFC Type 5 compliant transponder. It works with NFC enabled smartphones, certain commercial access control systems, various ISO15693 compatible door locks, gun safes, and padlocks, as well as USB contactless ISO5693 readers.

xSLX Chip Specifications

  • 13.56MHz ISO5693 & NFC Type 5 ICODE SLIX2 RFID chipset
  • Full datasheet for the NXP ICODE SLIX2 RFID/NFC chip
  • 8 byte UID and 320 bytes of user read/write memory
  • 50 year data retention. Rated for 100k writes per memory block.
  • Encased in 2.1mm by 12mm bioglass with non-toxic epoxy
  • Pre-tested and pre-loaded into sterile injection assembly
  • No “anti-migration” coating means easy removal/replacement

WARNING This kit definitely contains dangerous things. While the xSLX chip has undergone several quality checks during manufacture and has been put through a battery of tests, it has not been certified by any government regulatory agency for implantation or use inside the human body. Use of this device is strictly at your own risk.

xSLX Kit Contents

The xSLX kit contains the following products and materials, which are designed to enable you to bring the kit to a professional installation partner for installation.

  • 1 sterile injector assembly, pre-loaded with xSLX chip implant
  • 2 single use ChloraPrep antiseptic wipes
  • 1 sterile gauze pad for post-installation wound care
  • 1 sterile expandable-fabric adhesive bandage
  • 1 pair of non-sterile, non-latex procedure gloves

xSLX Kit Extras

The following accessories also come with the xNT Kit. These accessories are “field detection” tools designed to assist you with identifying the type of readers you may encounter, but also the best location and orientation to present your xNT chip implant to any reader to get reliable performance.

  • 1 RFID Diagnostic Card
  • 1 13.56MHz X Field Detector

Our X Field Detectors (XFD) will show you the best position and orientation to present your chip implant to any readers of the same frequency, while our RFID Diagnostic Card will tell you all about the frequency and duty cycles of random readers you encounter in the wild.


A review of the RFID Diagnostic Card & X Field Detector devices