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Recommended Apps


To check to see if your android phone is NFC compatible you can check using NFC World

NXP Apps

NFC TagInfo by NXP – Play Store
NFC TagWriter by NXP – Play Store

NFC Tag Info

NFC Tools has a pro and a Free Version. If you download and use the free version you’ll understand that the app covers many features and the pro is definitely worth getting.

NFC Tools

NFC Tools Pro – Play Store
NFC Tools – Play Store

NFC Tools
NFC Tools Pro
Other Android Apps

NFC Tasks – Play Store MIFARE Classic Tool – MCT – Play Store

IOS (Iphone)

Currently IOS lacks write support for NFC. However they’re a few NFC tag info tools that can read the implants and other NFC tags.


Taginfo NXP – AppleStore

NXP Taginfo

Can see a video of it here in on a xNT.

Other IOS Apps

NFC Reader for Iphone – AppleStore
GoToTags –AppleStore
NFC Ideas – AppleStore


Windows has a limited amount of applications available for Reading/Writing tags currently.


Download from manufacturers – website

NFC Tools

NFC Tools (Same company as the android app)

Download from manufacturers – website


More and more applications are being released for MacOS, Here are the top few.

NFC Tools

NFC Tools (Same company as the android app)

Download from manufacturers – website Mac Appstore

Can see it in use here

Other OSX Apps

NFC Ideas (Same as the IOS App) – AppleStore

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