Vivokey Spark Installations


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The VivoKey Spark cryptographically links you with your VivoKey profile in a way that is extremely secure yet easy to use. It is your key to a new world of enhanced digital identity and convenience.

The Spark is a tiny cylindrical cryptobionic implant just 2mm by 12mm. It comes in a pre-sterlized injection assembly, making it easily installed by a KSEC Cyborg Center Professional Installer.

Vivokey Spark Specifications

  • Zero maintenance
  • Batteryless operation
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • NFC Type 5 / ISO15693
  • Strong AES128 encryption

Where to get your Vivokey Installed ?

To book in your installation time please contact your selected cyborg centre. Not sure on which centre to choose ? Check for your local partner here on our Cyborg Centres or contact us at [email protected]

VivoKey Spark Status

The VivoKey Spark is due to be launched soon, so grab your bookings now in time for the launch !

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