x-Series Transponders

The x-series of transponders are bioglass encased devices which are typically sold in injector assemblies. Installation is done through a needle procedure, and are the easiest to install transponders. They are a great, affordable introduction to implantable transponders.

Head over to our KSEC Innovation Day for a recording of a live installation of the xBT !

Products - XSeries

See details → xNT NFC Kit [NTAG216] £80.00

See details → xEM RFID Kit [T5577 Emulator] £59.00

See details → xBT Temp Sensing RFID Tag [BioTherm] £49.99

See details → xM1 Plus £100.00 (Out of Stock)

See details → xIC [ISO15693 I-CODE SLI] £35.00 (Out of Stock)