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Using The Vivokey FlexOne

Vivokey OTP

Downloading the Fidesomo Store App

VivoKey leverages a powerful applet management framework called Fidesmo. All of our VivoKey applets like VivoKey OTP are deployed through this framework. To get started, you first have to install the Fidesmo Android App on your Android powered smartphone. Once installed you can locate the VivoKey OTP applet and deploy it to your VivoKey.


Setting up Vivokey OTP

The VivoKey OTP applet works with the VivoKey Authenticator Android app to secure website 2-factor authentication.

Vivokey OTP App install
Vivokey authenticator

After the VivoKey OTP applet is deployed to your VivoKey, you can install the VivoKey Authenticator Android App to your Android powered smartphone.

Now you’re ready to start using VivoKey OTP for 2 factor authentication! For a list of website that use OTP, check

Adding NDEF Storage

The VivoKey NDEF applet allows VivoKey (and certain other Fidesmo compliant devices) to host an NFC Type 4 NDEF container for storing standard NFC data such as URLs, vCards, raw text, binary data, etc. In short, VivoKey NDEF allows you to use VivoKey like a regular NFC tag. The VivoKey NDEF applet offers 6 different container sizes; 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k, and 32k. Some Fidesmo compliant ex vivo devices do not have enough internal storage to host a 32k NDEF container, but VivoKey does, and future Fidesmo devices may also.

Vivokey NFC
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