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NExT - RFID NFC Dual Chip


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NExT Implant NExT Dual Implant

Dual NFC and RFID

Maximize hand real estate with the NExT dual chip implant! The NExT was designed by Dangerous Things to include the equivalent of an xNT (13.56MHz NTAG216 NFC) and xEM (125kHz T5577 RFID) chips in one product. The NFC side works with NFC capable smartphones, certain commercial access control systems and door locks, and USB contactless ISO14443A readers. The RFID side is a T5577 emulator chip that can behave like many different common low frequency chip types, including EM41xx, EM4200, HID 1326 ProxCard II, HID 1346 ProxCard III, and Indala access cards and keyfobs.


  • Full datasheet for the NXP NTAG216 RFID/NFC chip
  • 13.56MHz ISO14443A
  • Type 2 compliant NTAG216 NFC chip
  • 7 byte UID and 886 bytes of user read/write memory
  • 10 year data retention. Rated for 100k writes per memory block.

125kHz Atmel T5577 RFID emulator chip

  • Full datasheet for the Atmel ATA5577 chip
  • 125kHz Atmel T5577 RFID emulator chip
  • Can emulate EM41xx, EM4200, HID ProxCards, and Indala

More Details

The NExT chip contains two completely separate transponders in a single device. Each inductor coil antenna and chip in the NExT are specifically tuned to accommodate co-operation within the same device. The NExT common specifications are: Encased in 2.1mm by 14mm bioglass with non-toxic epoxy Pre-tested and pre-loaded into sterile injection assembly No “anti-migration” coating means easy removal/replacement 13.56MHz NTAG216 NFC Type 2 chip

NExT Installation kits

The NExT kit contains the NExT tag and all the sterile procedure materials required to perform installation.

Please be aware if you're wanting a professional to do the install, there is no need to buy the installation kits. Simply purchase a KSEC Cyborg package of your choosing and select the Cyborg Center for your installation then book in your professional installation.

NExT Kit Contents
  • 1 sterile injector assembly, pre-loaded with an NExT tag
  • 1 single use ChloraPrep SEPP 0.67ml applicator (video)
  • 1 sterile gauze pad for post-injection wound care
  • 1 sterile expandable-fabric adhesive bandage
  • 1 pair of non-sterile, non-latex procedure gloves


All Microchip Implantations take less than 10 seconds with the use of a syringe injection. They take about 2 weeks to heal fully with only around 2 days for the incision to close up. Within 2 months any scaring from the incision will normally disappear.