xG3 Injectable Biomagnet (BETA)


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The xG3 is the world’s first injectable biomagnet that is also clinically sterile! We have a very limited run of these first beta units available, and we are looking for people who can give us feedback about them on our community forum.

xG3 Specifications

  • N52+ strength with highest Gauss rating!
  • 3mm x 15mm bioglass encased neodymium magnet
  • Clinically sterilized in EO gas process

More Details

The xG3 injectable biomagnet is a world first, twice! First, it is the only injectable biomagnet in the world that comes pre-loaded in an injection assembly. Second, it is the only biomagnet in the world that is put through a clinically sterile EO gas process! The xG3 has been designed from the ground up for direct and permanent in vivo use. Using 3 special processes – a specialized magnet production process, a precisely controlled glass encapsulation process, and a customized EO gas sterilization process, we are able to make the xG3 biomagnet with the same safe Schott 8625 bioglass coating the rest of our x-series implants use, and sterilize them, all without impacting the magnetic field strength

Limited quantity BETA program

This is far from our first production run of the xG3 but this is the first run that shows no field degradation between pre-processing and post-processing. We wanted to make these limited number of units available to our customers as a BETA product in order to get feedback. If you do purchase the xG3 and have a professional install it for you, please post your experiences on our community forum so we can determine the xG3 is a viable product worthy of a larger production run.


All Microchip Implantations take less than 10 seconds with the use of a syringe injection. They take about 2 weeks to heal fully with only around 2 days for the incision to close up. Within 2 months any scaring from the incision will normally disappear.