xM1 Plus + NFC Implant

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The xM1 Plus is a “Classic S50 1k” chip emulator with writeable sector 0 (including UID) by way of a “Chinese Magic Backdoor” feature. This allows you to overwrite all pages in every sector, including Sector 0, regardless of A/B key values or access bit settings.

What’s so great about the xM1+ ?

Basically, for many years the MF1ICS50 1k chip was used for all kinds of applications as a “secure chip” for everything from access control to stored value cards, and used for making localized payments within closed systems like public transit and laundry services… but it’s security mechanism called “crypto1” is a simple, proprietary encryption mechanism that hardly has anything to do with modern cryptography. It has been broken for many years now, but the sheer number of systems out there that still use it means the S50 will continue to be used by legacy systems around the world for years to come. So now, you can crack the security on those cards and clone their content (including the UID “serial number”) to your xM1+!

purchasing and Installation

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